"Inclusive Futures: Harnessing Technology and Policy for Global Connectivity" Panel Discussion

Global Connectivity in Focus: Supiti Buranawatanachoke’s Vision for an Interconnected World
At the “Inclusive Futures” Dinner Panel Discussion held in the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Erawan by Carnegie Mellon University on February 1, 2024, Supiti Buranawatanachoke, Eos Orbit’s Chairman, offered his expert insights on the new technology aimed at increasing internet/phone availability worldwide.

Highlighting Global Connectivity Challenges:

Supiti spotlighted the profound disparity in connectivity between urban areas and remote regions. He stressed the urgent need to close this digital divide to guarantee equitable access to information and communication technologies for everyone, emphasizing that “connectivity is a fundamental right in our digital age.”


Innovative Technologies to Bridge the Divide:
The discussion took a hopeful direction as Supiti introduced promising new technologies, like small and cube satellites, which have the potential to significantly boost internet and phone access in the world’s most underserved areas. He posited that these innovations could be pivotal in leveling the playing field, offering remote communities vital tools for education, healthcare, and economic development. “With new technologies’ affordable pricing, there should no longer be any place in the world without connectivity”


A Unified Call for Action:
Emphasizing the event’s plea for collaborative efforts, Supiti highlighted the importance of leveraging technology in conjunction with adopting inclusive policies. “By working together, we can overcome the geographical and economic barriers that have long obstructed global connectivity,” he declared, urging stakeholders across all sectors to commit to ensuring universal access to communication services.


The Road Ahead:
Supiti’s contribution to the “Inclusive Futures” panel not only shed light on the prevailing challenges in achieving global connectivity but also provided a hopeful perspective on the future possibilities afforded by technological progress. His vision for a world where everyone, regardless of their location, has access to the internet and phone services inspired attendees, igniting a renewed dedication to advancing the agenda of digital inclusivity.
Reflecting on the insights shared, it is evident that we must prioritize expanding connectivity through innovative solutions and cooperative policymaking. Supiti’s call to action serves as a vital reminder of the efforts required as we progress toward a fully connected world.