From Technology Enthusiast to Space Innovator:
Mr. Supiti's Journey (Chairman of EOS Orbit)
in Shaping the Future of AI and LEO Satellites


  • Career Journey and Education: Mr. Supiti reflects on starting his career in technology at a young age, discussing their educational background in Electrical and Computer engineering and their transition to working with Oracle.


  • Interest in Space and LEO Satellite Construction: A keen interest in the realm of space and the building of LEO satellites is showcased, highlighting a profound fascination with the progress in these areas


  • Passion for AI and Future Aspirations: Mr. Supiti talks about their passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI), legitimizing their name in Thai, and their involvement with EOS Orbit. Various career paths related to technology and space exploration are explored, alongside personal reflections on past career choices and aspirations.


  • Future Goals and Ambitions: Ambitions for future endeavors related to technology innovation are shared, alongside reflections on personal growth, achievements, challenges, and future aspirations.


  • Vision for the Future Plans: The vision for future initiatives is to develop Thai-made LEO satellites that meet the needs of various organizations.


  • Challenges and Persistence: Mr. Supiti talks about facing challenges positively and overcoming obstacles with persistence. Reflection on personal growth and progress is highlighted, along with the importance of adaptability and continuous learning.


  • Meeting Discussion Highlights and Business Strategies: Today’s discussion will delve into the Inside processes of manufacturing LEO satellites, from the design phase through to the launch. This encompasses not only the detailed steps involved in creating these satellites but also emphasizes the importance of innovative collaboration and the refinement of processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.