OBC – On-Board Computer



The EOS Orbit On-Board Computer (OBC) is a high-performance, ultra-low power consumption solution designed specifically for Cubesat platforms. Featuring double MCU redundancy, this OBC ensures seamless operation even in the event of a processor malfunction, making it a reliable and robust choice for your space missions.

Product Options:

  1. Without GNSS Receiver
  2. With GNSS Receiver




The EOS Orbit OBC is engineered for efficiency and reliability. It features a dual MCU redundancy architecture, allowing it to switch processors seamlessly in case of a malfunction. This design minimizes downtime and maximizes mission success. The board supports various programming languages, enabling flexible and rapid development as well as high-performance applications.

Key Features

  • Ultra Low Power Consumption: Ensures long operational life, making it ideal for extended space missions.
  • 80 MHz ARM Cortex-M4: Provides powerful processing capabilities for demanding applications.
  • Dual MCU Redundancy: Enhances reliability by providing a backup processor to take over in case of failure.
  • Rich Peripheral Connectivity: Offers extensive connectivity options for diverse mission requirements.
  • Multi-Language Support: Compatible with multiple programming languages (C, C++, MicroPython, etc.), allowing for versatile and efficient development.
  • SD Card Storage Enabled: Provides ample storage space for mission data and applications.
  • Built-In GPS Receiver (Optional): Enhances positioning capabilities with optional GPS integration.
  • Thermal Management: Features an anodized aluminum shield for effective thermal dissipation, ensuring optimal operating temperatures.
  • Radiation Tolerance: Can withstand up to 20 kRad Total Ionizing Dose (TID), ensuring durability and longevity in space.
  • TVAC Qualified: Qualified for Thermal Vacuum (TVAC) environments, confirming its reliability in space conditions.

Why Choose EOS Orbit OBC?

  1. High Reliability: The dual MCU redundancy architecture ensures continuous operation, significantly reducing the risk of mission failure.
  2. Efficient Power Consumption: Ultra-low power consumption extends the operational life of your Cubesat, making it ideal for long-term missions.
  3. Versatile Development: With support for multiple programming languages, the EOS Orbit OBC provides flexibility for both rapid development and high-performance applications.
  4. Robust and Durable: Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of space, including high radiation levels and thermal extremes.

Customization Options

The EOS Orbit OBC offers the option to include a built-in GPS receiver, providing enhanced positioning capabilities to meet specific mission requirements.

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