The First NanoSatellite Operation in Thailand

LOGSATS, an innovative R&D satellite developed by Patriot Infovention Co. Ltd., is poised to redefine the landscape of space technology. This 3U CubeSat is designed with a dual mission focus, primarily centered around testing and evaluating two groundbreaking payloads: a space-based LoRa gateway service and an ADS-B receiver.

Understanding LOGSATS: Lora Gateway Service and Aircraft Tracking Satellite

In its concise form, LOGSATS stands for “Lora Gateway Service and Aircraft Tracking Satellite,” embodying its core objectives in advancing communication technology and aviation monitoring from space. This satellite venture signifies a significant leap forward in research and development within the aerospace sector.

Space-Based LoRa Gateway Service

LOGSATS introduces a pioneering LoRa (Long Range) gateway service, marking a transformative step in satellite communication. This payload aims to establish a robust and reliable communication framework, enabling seamless data transmission over extended distances. The implementation of LoRa technology in space holds promising implications for enhancing connectivity and data exchange capabilities across various applications.

ADS-B Receiver for Aircraft Tracking

A key highlight of LOGSATS is its ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast) receiver, dedicated to advancing aircraft tracking capabilities. This technology facilitates the automatic broadcast of essential flight information, contributing to the enhancement of air traffic monitoring and control. LOGSATS, with its ADS-B receiver, becomes a crucial asset in managing both manned and unmanned air traffic within Thailand’s airspace.

Technological Significance and Research Objectives

LOGSATS not only serves as a technological marvel but also as a platform for valuable research endeavors. The satellite’s compact 3U CubeSat form factor allows for efficient deployment and testing of these cutting-edge payloads. Researchers and engineers anticipate gaining insights into the performance, reliability, and practical applications of space-based LoRa gateways and ADS-B receivers through LOGSATS.

Collaborative Development by Patriot Infovention Co. Ltd. (Now EOS ORBIT)

Patriot Infovention Co. Ltd., now operating as EOS ORBIT, spearheads the development of LOGSATS. The company has rebranded itself to reflect its commitment to becoming a leader in satellite technology in Southeast Asia. This collaborative effort brings together a team of skilled experts, scientists, and engineers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of space innovation.

Anticipating the Future Impact

As LOGSATS embarks on its mission, the aerospace community eagerly anticipates the wealth of knowledge and advancements it will bring. The successful deployment and operation of LOGSATS could pave the way for transformative changes in satellite communication and aviation tracking, positioning Thailand as a key player in the evolving space exploration landscape. Stay tuned for updates as LOGSATS propels us into a future where space technology seamlessly integrates with our terrestrial needs.